by Jemma Lewis, aged nine.

In September we went to the three-day event for cross-country show jumping. We drove to Wonderland then caught a bus from there to Horsley Park.

First we sat down and watched the riders from a place near the entrance. When we were sitting there we saw a man and his horse take the jump, but they didn’t make it and the horse fell on top of the man and he broke his rib. An ambulance came and he had to go to hospital. Then we went to other parts of the jumps and saw other riders and their horses.

The jumps were very interesting, they were decorated with Aboriginal artwork, plant sculptures, water jumps and many more interesting things. One of my favourite jumps was the water jump, you would go over a jump, go down a ledge into the water, wade across, go up a ramp out of the water, straight away there would be a jump, take the jump then go on with other jumps.

It was very interesting and by the end of the day it was amazing. We went back to Wonderland on a bus and then drove home.

It was an amazing day!