Guest Appearance Radio Station SWR99.9 FM

by Rosemary Phillis

Craig at the control panel and microphone
On Monday 4 November Sue, Mike and Rosemary were guests on the Norwest Educational Chat Show hosted by Craig. The show was summarised in a Facebook post the next day.

On Monday night 7-8pm the SWRFM 99.9 station hosted the regular Norwest Educational Chat Show. Craig Laffin from Norwest Christian College, welcomed three special guests, who had much to say about Riverstone and Cenotaph 100, the 100th commemoration of the Riverstone War Memorial. Sue, President of the Riverstone & Schofield District Chamber of Commerce, Mike the Secretary of the Chamber and Rosemary, Co-ordinator of Riverstone Historical Society & Museum, shared information about the many sacrifices made by Riverstone’s community during many wars, both serving members and families.

The Riverstone War Memorial, unveiled in November 1919 was one of the first in Australia after WWI. The 32 names on the memorial reflect service, patriotism and sacrifice. On Saturday 9 November at 10.30am the War Memorial will be re-dedicated in a service attended by James Griffin MP, Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment an d Veterans, Tony Bleasdale OAM Mayor Blacktown and a wide range of community representatives and the general public. NWCC Concert Band will play the Australian National Anthem and more NWCC students have important roles.

Rosemary spoke about her recent book which tells the story of each of the 32 men whose name appears on the memorial. She related accounts of several of the men during the radio show. Sue spoke of the ‘Warm Heart’ of Riverstone people. This was certainly evident as Rosemary, Mike and Sue spoke about Riverstone. Their passion was contagious for listeners.

Mike, Rosemary and Sue
Warren on radio a week later.