Memories of the RSL Golf Club

by Jim Buchanan

I have been asked to recall some of the golfing history of the Town. I can remember back when I first started learning to play, out at the old nine hole course at Rouse Hill where Aldi and the fast food outlets Maccas and KFC now stand on the Windsor road. I was helped to learn to swing a club by an old gentleman called Arthur Smith and his neighbour, Glen Wood back in the early 1960’s.

After joining the RSL club in 1963 I started playing with their Social Golf Club, playing mostly at Rouse Hill, Mungarie Park down the road and later at Maraylya. John Fulton and Harold Loosemore were in charge, making things run smoothly with a membership of around 80 golfers. To mention a few of the names;

Ron Dobson, Bonnie Mudiman, Jack Place, Bobby McHugh, Kevin Lewis, Glen Wood, Arthur Smith, John Fulton, Harold Loosemore, George White, Dave Whalan, Barry Wood, Bill Wood, Terry Wood, Noel Wood, Kevin Gallagher, Billy Weise, Bob Skinner, Jeff Skinner, Jim Buchanan, John Pringle, Clarrie Neal (snr), Ron Neale, John McHugh, John Mossman, Possum Perret and a host of other names that just escape me at the time of putting this article together, I do offer my apology.

Speaking to an avid golfer, George White about this article, he can recall back to the late 1950’s some of the town’s footballers started playing at Rouse Hill and that Laurie Moulds and Kevin Newman (trotting legends) were also out there swinging their clubs and no doubt talking tactics for upcoming races. The footballers that George mentioned were; Bobby McHugh, Des Cartwright, George White, Charlie Wheeler, Kevin Lewis, Ron Neal, Tony Robinson, Dave Whalan, R. Evans and J. Clarke.

I must say that the RSL Club with Ern Meyers Secretary/Manager, really got behind their social golfers by supplying ample liquid refreshments and trophies for every game. Later they put on BBQs too.

As the years progressed, the club started playing 18 hole championship courses, the likes of Richmond, Windsor, Fox Hills, Ashlar, Wentworth Falls and Springwood. After a few years of licking our wounds and fed up with cricket scores and the loss of a lot of players, it was decided that to return to old Royal Rouse Hill as we called it, wasn’t so bad after all, at least it was nice and close to home for most of us.

Over the years for a small town like Riverstone, we have produced some very fine ‘A’ Grade golfers like George White, Ronnie Dobson, Kevin Gallagher and Billy Wiese to mention a few, whereas others like myself just enjoyed the great company and the social side of it all.

I have included the only photo I have taken at Rouse Hill, if anyone has any that they would like to share with us, please contact the historical society so that we can take a copy and maybe publish them in future articles.

Jim Buchanan receiving an award at Rouse Hill Public Golf Course.
The picnic shelters can be seen in the background.
Photo: Jim Buchanan
Looking across the 9th green at Rouse Hill Public Golf Course in 1999 towards what is now the back of the Mean Fiddler Hotel. Photo: Winsome Phillis