by Shirley Cook (nee Woods)

I grew up in a small town, RIVERSTONE was its name,
If you didn’t know everyone, it really was a shame,
There was no class distinction, that’s the way it was,
Neighbour helping neighbour, in the land of Oz.

If someone got married, or maybe just died,
It affected everyone, it was a town full of pride.
Entertainment in the town, was few and far between,
Except for Charlie Murrells and his movie screen.

How us kids would be excited, when Saturday came around,
Mr Murrell’s flashlight was on us, if we made a sound.
The little school where we learnt to read and write,
Nearly everyday some boys would pick a fight.

Remember the days so hot and the breezes were so weak,
We would head for the ‘Pump Hole’ to jump into the creek.
Swinging out on the rope, with the water down below,
Sometimes we’d get so frightened and forget to let go.

Remembering little things, from our childhood days,
Seems like only yesterday, but it was far away.
The smell of Charlie Fisher’s bread shop as we passed by,
And Mr Stacey’s fruit shop selling apples for our pies.

Conway’s Newsagency gave us the news of the world,
Mr Rosenthal selling dresses for ladies and for girls.
Buying lunch from Mulford’s tuck shop was such a treat,
With eyes wide open, at the good things to eat.

The Meatworks was the lifeline of the people in the town,
Was a family tradition, that was always handed down.
The friendships that were forged, as we worked side by side,
We will always treasure and hold it with pride.

Going to the footy, to cheer on our local team,
Everyone in town was there, or so it just seemed.
Pity help the referee if he didn’t get it right.
Breaking up the teams in the footy fight.

The Referee had to be escorted off the field on certain days,
Especially if the local team, never got its way.
The friendships that we made, as the years pass by,
Will last with us forever, until the day I die.

In the devastation of floods and the horrific fire,
Riverstone bonded together with one great desire.
When any crisis arose, the whole town stood as one,
Providing a helping hand, and getting things done,

No matter where we go, or how far we roam,
Just be happy and proud to call RIVERSTONE home.