Quakers Hill Station Fire

Windsor Gazette 27th July 1930

Shortly before 10 o’clock on Wednesday the Quakers Hill station was destroyed by fire. The buildings burnt were the booking office, the waiting room, a small office and portion of the platform.

When the outbreak was reported to Riverstone the fire bell was rung and within three minutes three firemen were at the fire station. It was discovered however, that the fire was outside the Riverstone area, but after Parramatta and Blacktown had been advised, the Riverstone brigade was given orders to proceed to the scene. A motor lorry was acquisitioned and the fire unit was attached, and soon Captain Weaver and his men were speeding over the rough roads to Quakers Hill. They arrived in record time, but the station was well alight.

Seven lengths of hose were run from the nearest dam to the station and a powerful stream was played onto the flames which were soon extinguished. An effort was made to save the books and documents in the office, but the officials were driven back by the flames. Just as the Riverstone brigade had the outbreak under control, a motor fire engine arrived from Blacktown, followed by the District Officer from Parramatta. All were surprised to see the Riverstone firemen on the scene and congratulated them on their promptitude.

The cause of the outbreak is unknown.

Teddy and Steve Infield on Quakers Hill station in 1937.
This building must have replaced the one that burnt down in 1930.
Photo: Eva Weaver