Story of a Linocut 6th class 1948

by Judith Lewis

1948 Linocut was presented to Riverstone Public School by Grade 6

In 1948 this Linocut was presented to Riverstone Public School by Grade 6, at the suggestion of Class Teacher & Headmaster Joe Millerd.

Joe Millerd, “Old Joe”, was a much loved and respected headmaster at the Riverstone Public School from 1st December 1939 till he retired in December 1949.

The Linocut is now part of the collection at the Riverstone Museum.

Handwritten on the back of the Linocut are the following names:-


1948 SIXTH


Norman Shields Marie Darwen Ron Neal
John Warters Judith Drake Zane Hillier
Matt Johnston Irene Lillia Fay Mudiman
Kevin Lewis Jim Hughes Bill Taylor
Jack Douglas Julie Finch John Judge
Robert Smith Barbara Dawson Robert Tozer
Bill Shepherd Olive Dillon Peter Dawson
June O’Loughlin Barbara Johnson Robin Lloyd
Fay Mulford Leslie Willis
Judith Shepherd Kerry Gorman

There are a number of class members whose names are missing from the above. There were 72 students in Fifth Class in 1947, the year before. Are you able to add to, or amend, the list below of students who may have been in Sixth class in 1948?

Shirley Binks Margaret Blair Albert Cook
Reg Cook Ron Cook Jim Cramp
Anthony Deranja Cynthia Donoghue Leslie Hilton
Robert Hurley Nick Jarrett Kevin Johnston
Fay Leach Jill Lester Kevin Packer
Margaret Schofield Owen Shaw Ron Shields
Keith Turnbull Helen Wheeler