Archibald Showers

by Rosemary Phillis

As Linda Graham mentioned in her story, very little is known about Archibald Showers. His name is listed on the Cenotaph at Riverstone, but not on the school honour rolls, so it is likely that he grew up outside of Riverstone. We know that he was born in Sydney, but little else.

According to the World War One embarkation details, when he enlisted on 3 May 1915 Archibald was said to be a labourer of Riverstone, his mother was listed as Mrs J Showers of Riverstone. Correspondence in his Army file reveals that his father died in 1905.

The Army records provide an insight into his physical appearance. He was five foot seven and a half inches high, weighed 160lbs and had a fair complexion, grey eyes and fair hair. His chest measurement ranged from 32 to 34.5 inches

The local newspaper of the time, the Windsor and Richmond Gazette mentions only: In the 77th casualty list appears the name of Pte A.R. Showers of Riverstone, he is amongst the missing.

After he was killed, his personal effects returned to his mother in 1916 contained a hair brush, testament, hymn book, match box. The records also reveal that his mother was still living in Riverstone in 1920.

Do you know anything about Archibald Showers or the Showers family? The Historical Society would be very keen to hear from you if you do.

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