Kate and Cecilia Mason

by Ron Mason

Kate [1882-1970] is second from the left and next to her [with glasses] is her sister Cecilia [1877-1969].
The above photo was taken while Kate Mason was at Teachers College. Both went on to become teachers, as did quite a few of the Masons – I have always put this down to the influence of James Cusack the Nelson Denominational School teacher who had married into the family.

Kate spent time in the country before returning to the family home in Marsden Park. Cecilia married Jack Keayes and moved to the north coast. However, they later returned to Marsden Park and built a new house next to the old Mason house. My memories of them are as a very young boy and I thought that both were quite formidable, although I think that Kate was very kind hearted and the mainstay of the old Marsden Park Masons. In fact I named my daughter after her.

When Kate retired in 1946, an article on her farewell appeared in the Cumberland Argus.


Forty-five years ago, slim, red-headed Kate Mason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mason, one of the pioneer families of the Riverstone district, graduated from the Hurlstone Training College as a public school teacher.

Now, after a busy life spent in various centres in N.S.W. Miss Mason, who has been the headmistress of the Infants’ Department of Parramatta North School for the last seventeen years, has resigned from the Education Department, and, to the delight of her family and her big circle of friends, will settle down in her home town.

Silver hair and a dignified carriage add to the charm of the popular teacher, whose heart is as young as when she was a school girl brimming over with the joy of living.

Mr. F. E. Armstrong (headmaster) and Mrs. Armstrong, staff members, past and present pupils, and members of various organisations attended a recent farewell party to Miss Mason…