Catholic Church Dance – New Year’s Day 1900

From the Windsor & Richmond Gazette, Saturday, 13 January 1900


To wind up the picnic held in connection with the R. C. Church on New Year’s Day, a dance was held at night which was very largely attended. The following ladies were present :- Misses I. Kane, black skirt, pink blouse; Hickey, buttercup and black; Wheeler, white; Campion, white and buttercup; Standford, white; E. Hickey, white skirt, silk blouse; M. Hickey, holland, white braid; J. Kane, green and white; Joseph, green and floral muslin; R. Miller, white; P. Marlin, white;
R. Hendy, white and pink; P. Wonson, cream nuns veiling; Flannigan, cream silk; M. Mason, white; D. Bush, cream and green trimmings; Mesdames Amour, Morrison, E. Stanford, McCutcheon, Butel, Skinner, Preston, Cobcroft, Freeman, Mercer, Ritchie, and a host of others. Splendid music was provided, and a good night’s amusement was afforded to all.