Local Church Service on the Radio


On May 15 at 11 a.m. on 2FC the people of Riverstone will be able to hear a “home town” church service broadcast.

The A.B.C. recorded the morning service at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Riverstone.

The Service conducted by Rev. Michael Groenwegen, B.A.B.D. and the choir conducted by Miss L. Campbell of the Infants School with Joyce Nichols organist, put together a church service full of participation.

Bible readings and prayers by Susan McCaull, Win King, Alan Brookes, Warren and Bruce McCaull all added to the feeling of the service.

The congregation must be commended for their involvement in the service and their response and assistance to Mr Groenwegen in his exacting preparation for this service.

From the Riverstone Press 27 April 1977